2017 Submissions

Burning Out (night) Dance Song
Dance boi Dance Song
Freebird (inspired by overwatch lucio XD) Dance Song
Empty Bones Experimental Song
The Mask H Dance Song
Pumkin Scythe Drum N Bass Song
Spearboy Dance Song
Defend! Dance Song
The Looper | VIolin and Guitar Dance Song
Freely | Violin and Guitar Solo Instrument Song
Swimming Duckling Solo Instrument Song
Overwatch Gunstep Remix = Feel the Battle Dubstep Song
Mountaintop (with violin, guitar and piano) Solo Instrument Song
Power Runner Dubstep Song
Glitch Bot Dance Song
Game ReStart - Hanupo Video Game Song
The Waffle Song - Hanupo Dance Song
Late Night Chatter - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Skip Steppin' - Hanupo Video Game Song
Can Shaker - Hanupo Dance Song
Basketball Hoop - Hanupo Ambient Song
Hot Chocolate (hey girl!) - Hanupo Dance Song
Bluered Butterfly - Hanupo (Piano) Solo Instrument Song
Ferris Wheel - Hanupo Video Game Song
Purple Jaguar - Hanupo Dance Song
Vibman - Hanupo Dubstep Song
Quickstop - Hanupo Video Game Song
East to West - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Gunslinger - Hanupo Video Game Song
A Recollection - Hanupo Classical Song
After Rain - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
First Light - Hanupo Ambient Song
Four Leaf Clover - Hanupo Ambient Song
Puzzle Solver - Hanupo Video Game Song
Cross Stitches - Hanupo Video Game Song
Into the Storm - Hanupo Video Game Song
Burning Forge - Hanupo Video Game Song
Club Ammo - Hanupo House Song
Clear Sky - Hanupo Ambient Song
Cloud View - Hanupo Ambient Song
Mango Party - Hanupo Video Game Song
SuperKid - Hanupo Video Game Song
Shooting Star - Hanupo Video Game Song
Cherry Garden - Hanupo Video Game Song
Side Step - Hanupo Funk Song
Paper Glider - Hanupo Dance Song
Tree on the Hill - Hanupo Ambient Song
A Star's Wish - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Morning Call Dududu - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Give Green - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Woodhouse - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
A star's wish - Hanupo (Rough Draft) Solo Instrument Song
Wind Ride - Hanupo (electric bass and synth) Fusion Song
Kitten Dance - Hanupo (violin,guitar,keyboard) Fusion Song
River Walk - Hanupo Fusion Song