2017 Submissions

Bread and Silver House Song
Hammer Mallet Video Game Song
Burning Out (night) Dance Song
Dance boi Dance Song
Freebird (inspired by overwatch lucio XD) Dance Song
Empty Bones Experimental Song
The Mask H Dance Song
Pumkin Scythe Drum N Bass Song
Spearboy Dance Song
Defend! Dance Song
The Looper | VIolin and Guitar Dance Song
Freely | Violin and Guitar Solo Instrument Song
Swimming Duckling Solo Instrument Song
Overwatch Gunstep Remix = Feel the Battle Dubstep Song
Mountaintop (with violin, guitar and piano) Solo Instrument Song
Power Runner Dubstep Song
Glitch Bot Dance Song
Game ReStart - Hanupo Video Game Song
The Waffle Song - Hanupo Dance Song
Late Night Chatter - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Skip Steppin' - Hanupo Video Game Song
Can Shaker - Hanupo Dance Song
Basketball Hoop - Hanupo Ambient Song
Hot Chocolate (hey girl!) - Hanupo Dance Song
Bluered Butterfly - Hanupo (Piano) Solo Instrument Song
Ferris Wheel - Hanupo Video Game Song
Purple Jaguar - Hanupo Dance Song
Vibman - Hanupo Dubstep Song
Quickstop - Hanupo Video Game Song
East to West - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Gunslinger - Hanupo Video Game Song
A Recollection - Hanupo Classical Song
After Rain - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
First Light - Hanupo Ambient Song
Four Leaf Clover - Hanupo Ambient Song
Puzzle Solver - Hanupo Video Game Song
Cross Stitches - Hanupo Video Game Song
Into the Storm - Hanupo Video Game Song
Burning Forge - Hanupo Video Game Song
Club Ammo - Hanupo House Song
Clear Sky - Hanupo Ambient Song
Cloud View - Hanupo Ambient Song
Mango Party - Hanupo Video Game Song
SuperKid - Hanupo Video Game Song
Shooting Star - Hanupo Video Game Song
Cherry Garden - Hanupo Video Game Song
Side Step - Hanupo Funk Song
Paper Glider - Hanupo Dance Song
Tree on the Hill - Hanupo Ambient Song
A Star's Wish - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Morning Call Dududu - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Give Green - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
Woodhouse - Hanupo Solo Instrument Song
A star's wish - Hanupo (Rough Draft) Solo Instrument Song
Wind Ride - Hanupo (electric bass and synth) Fusion Song
Kitten Dance - Hanupo (violin,guitar,keyboard) Fusion Song
River Walk - Hanupo Fusion Song